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fire crews get an early start on summer training and record heat for part of the bay area. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> gooeven good evening. this is bay area news at 7. u.. officials say the two brothers for the boston marathon do not appeared to have tie to any terror groups. ted wane has new develo right now. ken. >> gasia the fbi says the surviving brother dzhokhar tsarnaev suffered gunshot wound on his neck and head and hand.
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today of the marathon of the at. >> in the complaint the fbi says the dzhokhar tsarnaev have seen dropping off one of the backpack believed to contain a bomb near the marathon route and used a cell phone. aster fied people run from the blast dzhokhar tsarnaev calmly walking from the other direction seen on the video. >> at this point it looks like a lot f evidence but the ju department will lead the investigation, i have no doubt, they'll make sure that we have the full truth on what happened. >> after interrogating dzhokhar tsarnaev, officials say appeared to brothers were motivated by religious faith and do not have connections to terrorist groups. >> i have not seen any intelligence that would make such a length but as you know all of the facts are not in. >> the
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affidavit says -- what was worn by the suspect during the bombing. in the meantime there are questions of the older brother of the 6-month trip to russia and why did the fi did little of fellow up. >> what did he do when he went back for 6-month. did he sit in his aunt and uncle's home for 6 month or did he do something ? >> reporter: live in the news room, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. lingzi lieu, one of the people killed on the monday attack. the 23-year-old from china was remembered as a kind young woman with a passion formusick.
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lingzi lieu was at boston university studying statistics. >> first responder saluted the casket crystal campbell. campbell loves going to the maro make it every year. ceremony on the east coast included a moment of silent at 2:50 this afternoon. people gathered at the square near the scene of the bombing. others observed the moment of silent in new york city at washington dc. >> today , the federal bureau investigation -- lower the american flag that had flown at the finish line at the marathon. the street remained close to the
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public for now as the city cleans up to ensure they're structurally sounded. josh and brandon and tie waller visited 11-year-old erin in his hospital bed t. her honor is a. go to for a link to the criminal file today by the fbi. it's under the boston tab there at the top of the home page. new at at the boston university. elaine live on campus, tell us about the gold folder and how it enables staff to identify at risks students. >> reporter: the to identify students in distress and hoep
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hopefully stop campus strategy before it happens. >> but , sometimes it's much more. >> we are also seeing first break and xie ty anxieties and bipolar and more significant challenges in the counselling center. >> by looking at specific indicators of distress. the resource in training program paid by california mental health authority programs. >> before the nervousness turned into anxiety and the sadness turned into depression and then we move towards real extreme live cases. >> they had a proactive plan in place for a while. >> it's been successful to identify somebody in concern that we can assemble this team and
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looking at the way to keep them help and keeping them safe. >> think the training should extend to the students. >> that are maybe having trouble. >> reporter: all uc campuses will launch ther the next year california develop a similar resources for student to help their peers, ktvu channel 2 news. tonight two men are under arrest, one of the suspects was brought by a plain to ontario following his arrest, police say the two are not u.s. citizens. there was no evidence the
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iranian states were in involved. numerous reports indicate a focus from trains that ran from canada to the united states. >> charges include conspireing and interfering with transportation facility and murdering a person. >> police said the men plot have been remain inside the planning stage and there is no eminent threat on the public. this is what it looks like from above. you see here a big rig have tipped over and ended up on its side and blocked the westbound transition from high way 92 to southboun san mateo. putting some fire crews to
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action. down i collar ra county -- -- meteorologist will have all the figures for you later in this newscast. police in san jose is investigating a suspicious death tonight that they're not sure if it's a homicide or a suicide. they say they found a man dead suffering of at least one stabbed wound. homicide investigators are looking into this case. police say the man had been shot, he was pronounced dead at the scene, his name is not yet been released. a shooting in robbery in
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oakland. happened about 9:00 on saturday night, an armeded man, the gunman opened fire hitting the man in the shoulder. that man is expected to survive. >> there was always been crime including serious crimes throughout oakland. some neighborhoods have much worst than others historically and we kind of sadly gotten used to that. >> no arrest have been made on saturday shooting. they're planning to put more officers on the streets starting in june. hayward--the shooting happened saturday night outside of a home on franklin avenue. it's a second homicide in hayward this year. here is the picture, investigator says 26-year-old
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michael sow tar is the gunman. the lasers are starting piling up around the nation. nearly a third of the flight of new york airport was delaid tonight and one and five saw delays in philadelphia and washington's airport. under the furlough program, 15, 000 air traffic controller are forced to take off. the four low did not caused delays here and there is no report of delays. the woman of san jose airport. san francisco city's attorney says, he wants to know -- dennis
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herrera sent a letter to the nevada hospital asking--and the notion of some of those patients arrived in california without anywhere to go. >> it's very discuss concerning when you think about these individuals who have given a one way ticket on a bus, no food or drink. >> herrera says if the charges turned out to be true, it would violate federal law. san francisco's police chief, make a better celebration on market streets. >> the unsolved killing of a whole foods, new p making the arrest.
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>> i will have what you can expect tomorrow on the temperatures coming up. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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the camp has made the -- workers in protected suits and masks filled bags with belonging left behind. the same area was cleaned back up in october but the homeless came back. they're convinced of the 30 estimated 200 people lived there were able to enter a program for permanent housing. the site is still in the work to be named sf72. it's name for the 72 hours for people to be
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prepare for the natural disaster. and will allow the city to get messages out to the public. it's expected to be up and running by late december. ktvu rob tel about a new proposal of surveillance camera monitor in san francisco. >> reporter: more than half a million turn it had out each year to the gay pride parade along market streets. greg says today after seeing what happens in boston he like to see more cameras on the streets. >> it would not be a bad idea. >> the city has dozens of surveillance cameras particular in high crime neighborhoods but police do not monitor them.
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having officers watch the cameras on the market streets but not around the clock. >> i am not talking about monitoring them full time but during the major sevenths. >> feoff sevenths. >> he has concerns over privacy rights. >> having a surveillance camera on a public street, you have a lot of social protesting could create a chilling effect because people are not going to want to be s >> they expect to address the issue on cameras on market street on the hearing before the board of super visors on may 2 nd. the machine -- to north
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beach digging about 40 feet a day. the 1. 6 billion central subway project will extend the service from south markets to china town. revenue shot higher by $100 million. on the broader market stock finished higher. microsoft led the way higher after a major head fund. comedy maybe getting shorter. there is more san francisco bay -- comedian tweak
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tweets jokes of -- the festival won't last long, it's a starting. >> freedom . >> that song energized the crowd. he says he came up with freedom on the spot and blend it with an old gospel song. his agent says he died at a heart attack at his home in new jersey. new information tonight of an unsolved case of an employee at whole foods. >> this morning planned a cherry blossom tree. friends today described 23 kreerld3-year-old
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as a -- he was shot to death in the early morning at february near the intersection of webster street while walking to a friend's house. moments after he was shot before he backed out of the cross walk and collapsed on the sidewalk. it's described as a white 2010 to 2012 lexus. >> how he died is such a violent way and so random. somebody took his life and he did not care. >> the two were twins born 13 minutes apart. >> i think about him every second. it was not his time to go. >> reporter:
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police says people attending nei yoshi nightclub may have seen something related to this homicide. in an san francisco david steven ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have pictures here from one of the past stories of -- of -- organizers say about 60% of their budget comes from donation. some bay area young people received a vip visit today as in a very important picture. summer like weather here in the middle of april.
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meteorologist let us know which city hits record temperatures today.
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earth day became a day of protest in san francisco. demonstrators spoke out against the stress of the environment
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and public health. among the protested the proposed key pipeline and pollution in low income community. all day we have been sweating out. our meteorologist rosemary is here. >> we have several and today is think i think is going to be the hottest day. let's take a look at some of the numbers from today. areas like oakland and san francisco broke the record. 88 in mountain view, all those in orange records set today. and i have to say, i want you to keep in mind there are many communities where the national weather service does not keep track of the record. so i am sure there are communities out there that probably topped it had record today but we just don't have that information. 74 in napa right now. it's still a nice evening out
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there. for some it's still a summer night. half hour until the sun set so we are on our way into a mild evening but i am beginning to see a change in the weather pattern. take a look here. we have had this northerly westg the fog out of the area. take a look. we got the surge coming up frome south and that's bringing back the cooler weather to the area. now, santa cruz stopped in by fog. but, we are going to see that change as early as tomorrow. but, by the afternoon, that cooler on shore breeze of the pacific air is going to trickle inside the bay, it will take about a day. inside the bay, we are going to trim those numbers back for tomorrow. in land we'll see a few
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degrees of cooling. wednesday looks to be the notable cool down. thursday is going to be the coolest day. but, we'll begin to trend back upwards as we get closer to the weekend. there you have it. the cool down begins tomorrow. 72 on thursday and mid 70s on friday and mostly sunny skies and back in the mid and upper 70s in time for your weekend. gasia. >> thank you, rosemary. teaching the importance of finishing the project with passion, something rom for. the high school students is enmore ed mentor in math. thank you for trusting ktvu, we'll see you
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next time. tonight we are investigating of the uptake bomb threats of the week. we'll tell you the story. keep in mind we are always here for you at the bay area, tmz is up next. (horn blowing)
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